2014: The year of creative marketing partnerships

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2014: The year of creative marketing partnerships

As a digital design and marketing agency, we appreciate when brands use creative marketing strategies. One of the trends we’ve been seeing, appreciating, and participating in lately is when brands partner with each other and collaborate for a wider reach. The technique is still somewhat of a novelty, which is why when it happens, we all take notice. It’s kind of like when sitcom stars make guest appearances on other shows while still in character.

We’re accustomed to seeing media outlets and social networks selling space to advertisers and even product placement in films, but we believe that in 2014, more and more marketing agencies will think outside the traditional advertising box and form more integrated campaigns. Need an example?

Recently, the much talked about television show Girls launched their third season and anyone visiting the music playlist site Songza were treated to a well-timed surprise. Along with the usual time-of-day appropriate playlist categories, users could choose a Girls category to see playlists that correspond with the show’s main characters and their musical tastes.

Fans of the show could pick their favourite character and spend the day eagerly anticipating the premiere with her tunes. If you weren’t a fan, you could read a bit about the playlist and if your musical preferences were a match, you might find yourself watching the premiere knowing that you have something in common with one of the characters.

“Some girls buy their music on import vinyl. Some girls think all the best rock ‘n’ roll was made between 1954 and 1979. Some girls think it’s important to stay cool even at their most impassioned. Jessa is one of those girls.” – Jessa’s playlist description

Another creative, and hilarious, partnership we saw recently was during the campaign for Anchorman 2’s theatre release. It felt like everywhere you turned, Ron Burgundy was there. He sold trucks, interviewed athletes, announced curling, and planted the character so firmly in our daily lives that we almost felt like we would run into him at our local coffee shop. One of our personal favourites?

These kind of win-win brand partnerships need to be carefully chosen to be effective, but once they are, the element of surprise can work wonders. In 2014, we expect to see more creative marketing partnerships like this – and it’s going to be fun.

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