3 Reasons Your Business is Under the Dome

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3 Reasons Your Business is Under the Dome

Over here at Trifunk, we are almost as obsessed with TV as we are with the internet. For us, summer is a time to burn through shows we didn’t get a chance to keep up with when they aired, but usually not a time to become addicted to anything new. This summer is a little different, thanks to the Stephen King summer series Under the Dome.

If you watch the show, you can skip this part:

Under the Dome is about a small town dealing with a mysterious invisible dome encasing their town, shutting out the rest of the world, but causing all kinds of weird behaviour inside. No one can get in or out and secrets are zipping around like mosquitoes in cottage country.

Ok, you can start reading again.

Following the drama in this fictional dome town got me thinking that there must be a good metaphor here. Here it is.

3 Signs Your Business is Under the Dome

1. You aren’t listening:

One of the first things that the residents of Chester’s Mills learn is that they can’t hear anyone outside of the dome. Compare that to a business and we can immediately see some potential issues. Unfortunately, refusing to listen to customers, competitors, trends, or your industry climate can be extremely damaging to your business. When we stop listening, we stop hearing the ways that we can move forward and keep our businesses growing.

2. You’ve stopped communicating:

At first, the people living under the dome are eager to send messages to the outside world, but as life carries on, the messages slow down significantly. When a business is new, it makes sense to spread the word that you exist and are seeking new customers. As you survive the first growing pains and develop your business, you might decrease your marketing efforts as you get busy with the day-to-day tasks of running a business. Get back to it! With resources like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, communicating with potential and current customers is much less time consuming than you may think.

3. You see the same people every day:

Your business isn’t trapped under a mysterious dome, forcing you to see the same faces day in and day out. Get out there and network! If you have a physical location, get to know your neighbourhood; become a landmark. The internet doesn’t give us permission to never meet anyone face to face. Expand your community and in return, your business.

I know that you’re all eager to stop what you’re doing and start watching Under the Dome, but if you liked this article, you might also enjoy “A Gatsby Lesson in Branding”.

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