5 Signs That You Need to Update Your Website

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5 Signs That You Need to Update Your Website

Remember that horrible haircut you had back in the early nineties? You know, the one you modeled after Vanilla Ice’s racing stripes? Then one fateful day, after you donated your MC Hammer pants to the thrift store, you looked in the mirror and thought, “It’s time for a change.”

If you haven’t updated your website in a while, it might benefit from that mirror experience.

Many businesses go through the initial process of designing a website, but then forget about it, thinking that the website’s existence is enough to help their business. Time goes by (always quicker than we realize) and they visit their website, only to find that its colours are outdated, the content barely represents their company values, and they haven’t told their customers anything new about their business in ages.

You wouldn’t open a storefront and never repaint the exterior, refresh the displays, or talk to your customers, would you?

Let’s go through a few indications that your website could use a spruce. Because we’re a friendly web design agency, let’s also talk about solutions. “‘Cause if there’s a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” (You miss that haircut, don’t you?)

5 Signs That You Need to Update Your Website


1. People have stopped visiting.

Have you taken a look at your site traffic? If your traffic has been decreasing, you might need to update your website’s SEO keyword strategy.


Meet with your web designer or web strategist and talk about what keywords people should be searching to find you. Plan a way to incorporate these words into your website content. Consider updating your web marketing strategy to include current SEO techniques like blogging and social media.

2. The information is just plain incorrect.

Businesses change and that’s ok. Maybe you stopped offering certain services or aren’t carrying specific brands. Nowadays, people are browsing online before they even enter a business’ physical location, so if your information is incorrect, you might have one frustrated customer on your hands.


Access your content management system and start fixing those errors. If you need a bigger overhaul, talk to your web designer and get the problem sorted out. This should be high on your priority list.

3. Your target market has changed.

If your business was new when you launched your website, there’s a good chance that you have grown and refined what you do and the people you do it for. This likely means that your target audience has changed (even a little bit) and you need to update your website to reflect this market.


First, celebrate that your business has grown! After that’s done, get to work with your web designer and start gathering information about your target audience. You may need to tweak something simple like the tone and style you’re using for your social media and website posts or your website might require some design adjustments.

4. No one can tell that there’s a person involved in your business.

Websites that sit online without human interaction are no longer effective in the current internet world. Search engines will always favor websites with social media interaction and regular content updates (eg. a blog), so unless you’re the only person in the world offering your product or service, your site is competing with a business that search engines will probably like better.


Social media and blogging sound much more intimidating than they need to. It really can be fun! If you know that you don’t have time to post regularly or interact with your customers on social media, ask employees to pitch in or hire someone to do it.

5. Your site looks bad on a mobile device.

This is a HUGE issue with websites that were designed a few years ago. Now, 87% of smartphone users access the internet on their phone at least once a day. Of these same users, 64% expect a website to be as easy to use on a mobile phone as it is on a computer. Is your site mobile-friendly?


The only way to fix this one is to get a web designer on-board to make your website mobile-friendly. Once you do, you should notice positive changes to your web traffic and the length of time people are spending on your site.

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we are pretty great at updating websites. Contact us if you would like to talk to a web designer about freshening up your website.

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