A quick look at 2012 holiday marketing trends

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A quick look at 2012 holiday marketing trends

MDG Advertising did up a handy infographic about how consumers are treating their holiday shopping and how companies are approaching their holiday marketing. We were fascinated by the findings and we like to share, so we’re passing it along for you to be fascinated by too.

Here are a few things the “Holiday Trends Marketers Can’t Ignore” infographic taught us that we should all be keeping in mind for next year.

– When brands advertised their holiday sales earlier than others, shoppers said that they perceived these brands as offering the best values.

– Earlier holiday advertising equals earlier holiday shopping.

– Holiday shoppers are turning to their mobile devices as a part of their shopping experience. 37% said that they are browsing online with their smartphone for products they are interested in.

– Email marketing, paid search marketing, and online display marketing were the three most successful marketing tactics for the holidays.

Knowing what to do for next year is great, but holiday marketing opportunities aren’t over yet. 57% of people will be doing some Boxing Day shopping on the 26th, so make sure to take advantage!

As always, if you’re looking for some help with your holiday marketing strategy or your yearly strategy, we would love to give you a hand.

Holiday Trends Marketers Can't Ignore [Infographic]
by MDG Advertising

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