All About Web Development

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All About Web Development

Ever since it became commercially available in the mid-1990s, the Internet – now usually just known as the “web” – has become an incredibly vast universe within itself. For the first time ever, people from all around the world are able to interact and share data without ever having to leave their desk. With this advancement has come the influx of thousands of online businesses, which have taken advantage of the small overhead and ease of visibility that the web presents. To help make these websites appealing and easy to find, web developers are often employed to design, create, and launch websites. Web development is a subject that has become so broad that it’s almost a science within itself, encompassing everything from complicated programming to effective marketing.

Coding: The Foundation of Development

Despite the wide variety of practices it encompasses, web development is primarily comprised of coding and programming, and for good reason: Without good code, most websites probably wouldn’t exist! As a result, great web developers are adept in the foundational coding languages of the web, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and even AJAX and Python. All of these languages and more usually work together to create effective, compelling, and interactive user experiences.

Design: Making Things Look Pretty

Web development, however, isn’t just coding: There’s a design element to be accounted for as well. When most people think of “design,” layouts, pretty colors, and graphics are usually some of the things that come to mind. Although these are all important and prevalent components of good design, design from a web development standpoint has a more significant second half: Usability. Basically, usability is the practice of designing and organizing a website in a way that makes the user’s experience as hassle-free and easy as possible. When you consider the fact that most web users today will usually hit the “Back” button the moment they become frustrated or confused, it’s not difficult to see how important design – especially from a usability standpoint – really is! Design can also help create a professional appearance, which does an excellent job giving websites a competitive edge.

Marketing: Spreading the Word

Some web developers are also able to market and promote websites, which is very useful for bloggers and online business owners. Although online marketing is a complicated subject, most developers will primarily rely on search engine marketing (SEM) methods to increase a website’s visibility.

Finding the Right Web Developer

If you’re not developing your own website, the web is filled with plenty of developers and designers who are eager to get to work. However, before you start looking into online contractors, consider website development Toronto; with developers so close to home, you’re almost guaranteed an experience that’s both professional and personal. Getting your website development Toronto is also highly beneficial for Canadian businesses, since there’s no better way to ensure a Canadian perspective than hiring Canadian developers!

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