Announcing web video experts: Brio!

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Announcing web video experts: Brio!

I don’t know about you, but when I visit a website and their homepage includes a box with a web video “Play” button, I can’t help myself and have to click on that button.

The suspense kills me.

I used to think that I suffer from this curiosity alone, but considering that in 2012, people chose to watch video ads 4.6 billion times, I know that there are others like me.

Growing, growing, and still growing

Web video was the fastest growing ad format in 2012, which means that we are about to see more and more of those little “Play” buttons as 2013 continues. You’ve probably already noticed that companies are using web videos to explain processes or display products – and you’ve probably also noticed that you understand these processes and products a lot quicker than usual.

An informed customer is a satisfied customer

Web video brings out the visual learner in all of us and allows us to understand new concepts at a faster pace and in more depth. 52% of consumers are actually less likely to return a product if they’ve watched a video about it. There might be a bunch of reasons for this decrease in returns, but it’s fair to assume that consumers who watch web videos have a better handle on the products they’re buying and as a result, have accurate expectations.

Brio makes awesome web videos and animation

We’re thrilled by the launch of Brio, a new web video and animation studio in Toronto. They offer their clients creative and professional web videos and animation, taking care of everything from script to storyboards and voiceovers.

I don’t want to toot our own horn, but we did their web design and it came out pretty great. We used parallax scrolling so that we could keep the website at one page, but still give the effect of different sections with different information.

If you’re looking for some new web video or animation for your website, make sure to get in touch with the fine folks at Brio.

If you’re not looking for some new web video or animation, read this statistic:

“If your video ads prove enjoyable to a viewer, your chances of getting a sale increase by 97%, brand preference by 35%, and brand association, 139%.” – Unruly

I bet that changed your mind!

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