Away we go – the right way to launch a website

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Away we go – the right way to launch a website

So, you’ve been working on your website for a while now, investing time, energy, and, money in something that, up until now, has been a giant mystery. Even calling it a mystery makes the launch more deserving of a grand entrance, doesn’t it? I’m sure that there have been the best of times, full of creative collaboration with your design team, and I’m sure that there have been the worst of times, like that moment you realized that Internet Explorer isn’t as great as you always thought it was.

Now, the time has come to nudge your website out of the nest and into the world.

Do I need to do anything special to launch my website?

Yes! You were hoping that our answer was, “No way. Just sit back and watch the site visitors roll in,” weren’t you? Remember all of that time, energy, and money we mentioned earlier? A proper launch can be the difference between a site just sitting there among countless other websites and giving your business an opportunity to generate some buzz. We know that you’re a busy business owner, so here’s a quick list of some things you should be doing before you launch your website.

How to launch a website

Make sure someone is listening – Nothing is worse than chatting away on your phone, not realizing that you dropped the call at the beginning of your story and you’ve been talking to yourself for the last five minutes. Launching your website and not telling anyone is the same thing. Start building relationships on social media (Twitter is great for this) and get your brand out there. Guest posting as an expert in your field on an industry blog is another good way to start generating buzz. When it’s time to launch, notify all of these individuals!

Be prepared – Do everything you can to start your site with an existing base of content. If you have a blog or resources section, write about a month’s worth of content and have it up and ready. You wouldn’t want someone to come to the site, love what you have to say, and then leave because there’s nothing else for them to read.

Test everything and then test it again – Everyone would like to think that their web designer is perfect (if anyone wishes that were true, it’s us), but it doesn’t hurt to take some time the day before your launch and go through the site, clicking on everything you can to make sure that it works correctly.

Set up tracking – We have great faith that your site will attract loads of visitors as the days go on, but how will you know this if your analytics aren’t set up? Ask your web designer to give you a hand with this. Along with tracking what’s happening on your site, set up Google Alerts to see if anyone is mentioning you online (and then reach out to thank them when they do!).

Ask for help – It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your friends and family to help you spread the word about your new website – in fact, we recommend it. The beauty of your real life community is that it likely includes people in all different industries and will push your news further than you can.

If you’re not launching a website and are looking for someone to make one for you in the first place, contact us. We are website designers in Toronto! You can also find us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Tumblr!

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