Capture on Instagram; Create on Vine

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Capture on Instagram; Create on Vine

Instagram has finally announced what people have been speculating about for a while: they’re doing video. Of course, our first thought is, “There goes Vine – and I was just starting to get the hang of it!”

Not so fast.

With Instagram, you could always grab photos from your phone’s storage, which means that the quality and composition didn’t need to be in the moment. Users could lower quality by using fancy filters and effects, but they didn’t have to.

Photographers could even take high quality photos on their professional cameras and then upload them to Instagram, using the feed as a mini portfolio. In fact, there are some pretty spectacular artists present on Instagram.

Video forces spontaneity

Both Instagram and Vine force their users to take video and upload it on the spot and within the app. There is no such thing as filming and then editing or uploading later. The apps, although obviously competitive, might find themselves appealing to separate audiences based on this limitation.

Vine users see a challenge

Because of Vine’s unique looping and limited timing (6 seconds), the app has attracted users looking for an artistic challenge. Vine fans create short films, complete with a full narrative and creative angles. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of poorly shot messes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the users willing to map out some awesome ways use the medium.

Will Instagram users see a limitation?

Instagram is notorious for attracting users looking to share small moments of their daily life. It has become a bit of a running joke that users post photos of their coffee cups. Heck, even Kevin Systrom, their CEO, joked about it at the announcement. Forcing a user to only film spontaneously might encourage this kind of Instagramming and discourage those wishing to use it for more professional or artistic applications.

If Instagram video carries on with this trend, the difference between Instagram and Vine will be in how their users apply the technology.

If you’re interested in an in-depth comparison between Instagram Video and Vine, take a look at Jordan Cook’s handy comparison chart he published on TechCrunch.


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