The truth or what you want to hear: Choosing A Web Designer

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The truth or what you want to hear: Choosing A Web Designer

When you hire a web designer, you’re putting your faith in that team, trusting that they will take their expertise and apply it to your business. Well, that’s the ideal situation. Unfortunately, the process of designing a website can also include difficult conversations with clients about how the website should look, what it should say, and how it should say it.

We believe that instead of just closing your eyes and picking someone in the phone book (HA!), you’ve taken a look at your web designer’s past work, heard their ideas for your site, and decided that they are the best person, or people, for the job. Because, believe it or not, web design is a bit like matchmaking. You need to look at a bunch of different factors to consider whether you’re going to be a good fit. Aesthetics should be considered, of course, but the designer’s approach to the entire project is also incredibly important. Do they research your target market? Start with content? Allow your input? Pushback when they disagree with your opinion?

You’re paying for expertise

If you’re one of those people who holds their ideas about what a website (or branding) should look like so tightly in your fist that your knuckles get all white, it might be time to take a breath and think about the purpose in hiring an expert. It’s perfectly natural to collect your favourite websites together and pass them along to your designer to show them what you like, but it’s a designer’s job to do more than execute your vision.

We know, that sounds a little harsh.

The reason why web designers should be the voice you listen to during the web design process is that they simply have more experience and are paid to provide their best opinion – not just the one you want to hear. The web design world is constantly changing and unless you spend hours online keeping up with trends, technology, and SEO changes, your web designer probably has a better handle on the industry and is truly trying to share their knowledge with you.

Your audience isn’t everyone’s audience

One of the first things we, and most other web design teams, think about is who your website is being built for. You would be surprised by how many times the answer to this question isn’t what the business owner is comfortable with. The internet is really big and the idea that a website should be trying to cut away some of that size isn’t always a welcome concept. Many business owners see a website as a way to widen their audience (which it is), but fail to understand that casting too wide a net won’t catch the right kind of fish.

Just like you wouldn’t stock every single product you come across in your store, your website needs to be focused. Accepting your expert’s opinion instead of ploughing through with your own might just get you a site you’ll be happier with in the long run.

Again, chose the right web design team

We’ve written an entire blog post about the reasons why people leave websites and if we’re being brutally honest (this post seems to be the place for that), many of those reasons might be avoided by handing the website reins over to your web design team – if they’re a good one. At Trifunk, we are thankful that our clients are great and tend to listen to what we have to say, but we know that in the larger world of web design, this isn’t always the case. Because this blog is meant to help more than just our clients, we know that this idea of trusting your web design team is an important one. So, take a little more time than you normally would and choose the right web design company for your project – then let them work their magic.

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