Crowdfunding: Grab your friends and build a city

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Crowdfunding: Grab your friends and build a city

In the branding and marketing world, crowdfunding is unlike any other technique we see on a regular basis…which is why we love it. Crowdfunding has popped up on our blog a few times because its ability to attract wildly ambitious projects continues to take us by surprise – and we like sharing things that take us by surprise.

A bunch of fans preordering their favourite band’s new album to help them pay for recording makes sense. Heck, even funding the development of a new tech gadget isn’t a huge shock. But can the possibilities stretch beyond single products or events and into skyscrapers?

(Notice how we skipped right over a certain campaign hogging the headlines in our city?)

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Mashable recently posted about a new building in Columbia – funded by its residents!

“If you thought crowdfunding was only good for Zach Braff’s movies, weird Segway-like transportation devices and dancing robot alarm clocks, think again.

In Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city, crowdfunding will build a skyscraper, thanks to the donations of 300,000 residents who contributed a total of $170 million. Rodrigo Nino, CEO of Prodigy Network — the company behind the crowdfunded effort — thinks this model can be replicated and even improved upon.

In fact, Nino wants to crowdfund an entire city, as he announced at last week’s PSFK Conference 2013 in New York. It’s why he launched My Ideal City, a website where Colombians can contribute to their cities by sharing ideas and funding projects.”

Giving a city’s residents the ability to put their finances behind their skyline seems like an interesting way for the community to collaborate. Instead of giving construction power to only a select few, this idea might provide an opportunity for a large number of people with lower incomes to have a say in what goes into their neighbourhood.

Obviously, the idea of an entirely crowdfunded city is still resting in the minds of people like Rodrigo Nino, but it’s certainly a concept to keep track of.

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