Pinbooster: A case study for Pinterest Marketing

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Pinbooster: A case study for Pinterest Marketing

You’ve probably been using Pinterest to pin holiday themed ideas for months, filing away those ideas for the best baking recipes, DIY ornaments, and gift ideas to be used…now! If there are certain times of the year that Pinterest comes in handy, the holiday season sure is one of them.

Since you’re already hanging around Pinterest, we thought it would be a good time for us to introduce you to one of our favourite Pinterest related sites: Pinbooster. Ok, we admit that we are biased because our founder also created it, but the service really is great!

Case study: Pinbooster

The idea:
A way for advertisers to connect with Pinterest users, placing their brands in the hands of endorsers with followers who trust their taste and recommendations (also a way for stellar Pinterest users to monetize their following)

Who is involved:
Ariel Remer and Dave Weinberg, two web-savvy entrepreneurs and Pinterest addicts

Our role:
Trifunk had the opportunity to run with the Pinbooster idea and design the platform for the start up.

The plan:
We wanted to keep Pinterest users in mind at every stage of development and design. Everything from the colours to the copy needed to speak to the kinds of creative and visually minded Pinterest users who would be signing up, but also needed to show advertisers that the service was smooth and would make the process easy. We decided to stick with a simple layout and treat the user experience as a process.

Instead of bombarding our audience with information, we gave step-by-step instructions, adding the particulars as the audience went along. Our goal was to have the answers ready and waiting even before the audience could ask the questions.

How it went: Really well! Pinbooster started with a beta release and had an overwhelming response by both pinners and advertisers. They are now fully up and running, connecting pinners to advertisers and growing daily.

“It would appear that for now, Pinbooster has the market for sponsored pins cornered. With Pinbooster, advertisers can pay power pinners for Pinterest posts for the first time.” (Beta Beat) – read the full story here

“Advertisers can pay top pinners to share photographs, videos, links, and hashtags of products. If successful, they will grow their brand’s following and establish themselves within one of the fastest growing social networks.” (Tech Vibes) – read the full story here

“Case in point: today, a new startup called Pinbooster is officially opening its doors, becoming the first ad platform which pays users to re-pin ad messages from brands.” (TechCrunch) – read the full story here

Head over to Pinbooster and check out what we’ve been working on!


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