Get better rankings with video.

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Get better rankings with video.

Think about the last time you searched for something on Google. Did you notice the videos that appear in your search results? It is not a coincidence. Google loves video, especially YouTube. How can you make your web videos successful in helping with your Search Engine Optimization strategies?

Keywords! Keywords! Keywords!
Just as you are adding tags to your blog posts and carefully crafting the content on your website to align with your SEO strategy, it is important to tag your videos to coordinate with what you are doing on the web. Additionally, when adding a clip to blog posts, youtube, or sharing it on the web make sure to add descriptions containing your keywords.

It’s also about the content
No one wants to watch a mediocre video. Make sure to craft your video and make it as engaging and shareable as possible. Check out what competitors are doing and see what works for them. You want to create a video that people will want to share. The more views the higher your rankings can become.

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