Gifs you can share

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Gifs you can share

Gifs, or Graphics Interchange Formats, are all over the place. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know what Graphics Interchange Formats are. Afterall, I am convinced that most people who enjoy these sharable images don’t really know.

The easiest way for us to explain them is by showing you one.

Chandler from friends yelling

I knew you would know what I meant! The idea is that the format allows a series of photographs to be played over and over, creating moving pictures. Essentially, I am explaining how movies exist. Ok, I should really move on. Gifs compress the images used, which allows the file sizes to be smaller and easier for sharing.

Gifs seem to be the new way of sharing viral videos and might even make their home in a completely new kind of social network. GifStory is a new platform, like Instagram, that let’s you add filters and share your images. The only difference is that instead of taking a photo, you take a video that is then used to create a Gif.

TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook recently wrote about the new platform:

Gifs are better than pictures and less invasive and time-consuming than movies.

This is why Cinemagram exists, and why the app is blowing up of late. But there’s a new kid in town looking to let mobile users share and enjoy Gifs. It’s called GifStory, and it essentially lets you cut together short clips of video and add a filter.

GifStory works almost identically to Instagram, except instead of snapping a picture you press the record button. As you can see from the examples below, you can add filters and edit various clips together.

Users can also share their GifStories on a host of different social networks.” (Tech Crunch)


And just for fun. Here is my favorite Gif of all times.

Haters gonna hate

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