A Non-Animator’s Guide to Animation

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A Non-Animator’s Guide to Animation

So, you want something to move on your site. We could give you a bunch of tutorials, detailing the steps of creating custom animation, but you don’t really want to do it yourself, do you?

Many business owners would like to converse with their designers, animators, developers, and other web savvy employees, but don’t want to spend hours learning jargon to do it. At Trifunk, we get that and want to give you a hand.

If you’re considering adding an animation element to your site, you might want to answer these questions:

1. What is the goal of your animation?

Before you go into any of the actual details (style, length, script, voiceovers, or story), everyone needs to know the plan and be heading in the right direction. Creating captivating animation for the wrong audience and focused on the wrong goal would be a frustrating experience. What is the purpose of this animation? Who are you hoping will see it?

2. Where will the animation appear?

Animation can be effective in many different places. You could use it for an advertisement, appearing on the sidebars of other websites. You might want it right in the middle of your home page, acting as an awesome welcome message for your site visitors. Start-up companies often put animation as the first visual their visitors see because they know that their business is new and will need to be explained. Your animation’s environment is an important detail to consider.

3. What exactly are you communicating?

Take some time to gather the information and narrative that you would like to include. Are you telling a story or providing instructions? Make sure that you have the story and instructions ready to go. If you’re using a script writer, they will still need these details. Your animator will love that you have these facts together. Trust us.

4. How would you like your story told?

While your animation should follow your branding, there are still plenty of decisions to make in regards to style, tone, and look. Does your brand have a character you would like the animation to center around? Would you prefer a serious or humorous script? Watch examples of as many different kinds of animation as you can so that you can show your web animation expert exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out Pinbooster’s new animation!

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