How Canadians Use the Internet in 2013

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How Canadians Use the Internet in 2013

We all like to know whether or not we’re normal. No? Just us? Well, if you’re at all curious about how Canadians measure up in our internet usage, you’ll be very interested in our new infographic: How Canadians Use The Internet In 2013. We took a look at things like: how often Canadians use the internet, what social media we are hooked on, and how we spend money online. Everyone from e-commerce business owners to social media marketers might want to take a peek at what is going on online the Great White North.

Trifunk is located in Toronto, Ontario and we’re pretty sure that we’re the reason that our country’s internet usage is so high. Sorry about that. We just love the web.

How Canadians use the internet in 2013
by Trifunk

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