How to pin on Pinterest

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How to pin on Pinterest

Every once in a while, businesses ask how to get in on Pinterest or how to pin on Pinterest. This question makes us happy because we think that Pinterest is an underused tool for businesses to advertise on and we are thrilled to offer some quick tips for getting started.

We’ll get to the actual pin part, but here are a couple of things you need to do first.

1. Make a Pinterest account for both you and your business.
2. Spend some time making boards and pinning some things that you’re interested in and, more importantly, that your target audience would be interested in.
3. Get acquainted with Pinterest as a social network. Follow other people’s boards and find your existing friends and network.

Now, those new to Pinterest often ask, “How do I make a pin for my own business?”

You’ll be pleased to know that the answer to this question is quite straightforward. Below is a quick guide on how to pin on Pinterest.

A “pin” is simply an image that, once clicked, takes the clicker to the webpage the image comes from through a link. As a business, you’ll love this link feature because if the image comes from your website, any time someone clicks on the pin, they will be taken directly to your site.

Making a pin really just requires that your website has an image on it. Now, you and I both know that not every image would make a good and shareable pin, so make sure that there is an image on your website that would fit well with the Pinterest crowd.

So how does the image get from your website to it’s debut as a pin?

You have a few options!

1. On the top right hand corner of Pinterest (when you’re logged in), there will be a spot that says “Add” and you can choose “pin”. A space appears for you to type a website address into. Pinterest goes to the site for you and lets you browse through photos to pin. Once you pick one and decide on a caption and board, you’re done.

2. When you sign up for a Pinterest account, you can choose to install a button on your web browser (it will likely appear right below your address bar). This button hangs out up there, ready for you to push if you come to a website with an image you want to share. In this case, that website it yours!

When you push the “Pin it” button, Pinterest shows you all of the pinnable images on the website for you to choose from. Once you pick one, Pinterest lets you caption it and choose which of your boards the pin will appear on.

3. You pinning something from your own website is great, but you can also pay someone who has been on Pinterest a lot longer than you have, and has acquired way more followers, to do it for you. Pinbooster lets you pick an influential pinner to pin for you, essentially advertising to their entire network.

If you’re looking for more information about Pinbooster, head to our blog post about it. One of our own founded the startup!

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