How to Use Twitter Efficiently

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How to Use Twitter Efficiently

Twitter wears dozens of hats, these days. It is a news source with the best scoop, a business networking event, and a comedy club open mic all rolled into one. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to read the paper, shake hundreds of hands, and chuckle at a few good jokes. We need a little more focus. We need to use Twitter efficiently.

Side note: We see how helpful Twitter can be for social media marketing and encourage everyone within your company, including the CEO, to participate in the social conversation already taking place about your business. Whew! That’s the end of our little plug.

Here are some easy ways to use Twitter efficiently:

Use “Favourite” to entice relevant followers

It isn’t enough to follow a bunch of people and assume that they will follow you back anymore. There are too many spamming accounts floating around for anyone to follow without a human interaction first. Mentioning a potential follower in a tweet is the best way, but we don’t always have time for that. Use Twitter efficiently by clicking the “Favourite” button on a great tweet from a follower you would like to start a conversation with is a good way to bring your name to their attention. It also helps you to remember who you’re keeping track of by going back and looking at the tweets you’ve marked as favourites.

Create and subscribe to lists

Spending a little time creating lists of people you want to keep a close eye on will save you loads of time in the long run. Expecting to stay up on your contacts through a Twitter news feed is like playing every radio station at once and expecting to pick out your local traffic report. Lists let you filter out the noise and zero in on the voices you want to hear.

Take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts

This one is pretty straightforward in terms of using Twitter efficiently. The less clicking, the better. A list of Twitter keyboard shorcuts lives under that gear icon on the top right corner.

Find followers through email

The quickest way to use your existing network to gain more followers is by using your email. Head to the “Discover” page and click “Find friends” on the sidebar. It’s a whole lot easier than typing in your contacts’ names and scanning through all of the results.

Now that you’re even more Twitter savvy than when we first met, make sure that you’re following Trifunk! We would love to get to know more about you and hear your thoughts about using Twitter more efficiently.
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