Metrics are important – Influence

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Metrics are important – Influence

We recently discussed the importance of measuring social media activity. We have already touched on volume, reach and engagement. Today we are going to consider influence. Influence measures who is talking about your brand and the impact you have on users. It is widely agreed upon that it is not the number of followers you have that relates to influence, it is about how you encourage your followers to do something. Based on past social media activity you can measure the impact and influence of campaigns to get a clearer picture of future social media activity. There are web tools such as Klout and PeerIndex that assign scores to your interactive dialogue and can estimate the influence you have on your followers. The key to influence is to find the advocates of your brand who not necessarily have the largest following but have a strong impact over their followers and create content for them. If you are looking for a social media company in Toronto we would be happy to work out a plan of action for your company.

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