One more reason for a mobile-friendly website

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One more reason for a mobile-friendly website

I know that you’ve heard us give stern lectures about the importance of a mobile-friendly website in the past, but we’ve called in for reinforcements. The folks at The Marketing Exchange and Ghergich & Co. just published an awesome infographic about the necessity of a mobile-friendly website and seeing as we agree, we thought it deserved a post of its own on the Trifunk blog.

To whet your statistical appetite: “45% of mobile searches are goal-oriented and are conducted to help make decisions.” I know. You’re intrigued. The statistic that probably shocked us the most was that 51% of mobile users visited a business after doing a local search. That’s huge!

We’ll give you the infographic so that you can see for yourself, but let me ask you a quick question:

What would someone find if they searched for your business on their smartphone? Would it be good? Or would it be frustrating?

Via Marketing ExchangeClick to enlarge.

Ignoring Mobile Research

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