Netflix Marketing Hides Arrested Development Easter Eggs

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Netflix Marketing Hides Arrested Development Easter Eggs

Fans of Arrested Development are more than excited about the return of Michael, Tobias, and the gang. As an interesting marketing stunt, Netflix is feeding the fire with the introduction of Arrested Development Easter Eggs throughout their site.

Quick Easter Egg History:

An Easter Egg is a hidden inside joke appearing in films, video games, websites, and really, anything else with a creator and an audience. These creators hide the jokes in a variety of ways, but commonly they are visual and might appear in a single frame of a film or as a result of specific interactions within a video game.

Some Easter Eggs require a keen eye and others demand obscure keyword searches or button combinations. They are usually “found” either by accident or by someone blabbing and are spread through fans of the show, game, or site.

Netflix uses Easter Eggs as a marketing stunt

Netflix’s Arrested Development Easter Eggs have a duel purpose: they entertain fans and create buzz for the show. The eggs are increasing the excitement for the upcoming series by reminding viewers of their favourite scenes from the show. The overall idea for these Easter Eggs is that by clicking them, they head directly to the specific scene they refer to. It’s like a secret catalogue of all of the reasons for viewers to look forward to Arrested Development returning.

In case you weren’t aware, or just need a reminder, Arrested Development’s highly anticipated fourth season will appear in May 2013. The 14-episode season will become available all at once, exclusively on Netflix.

The release is extremely unconventional, but will be an interesting experiment for the online streaming format. After all, it is becoming common for people to refuse to watch seasons of television shows on cable and will forfeit staying current for waiting to watch commercial-free on DVD or Netflix.

We thought we should share a couple of these Arrested Development Easter Eggs with you, but rumour has it that Netflix is continuing to hide them, so hunt away!

Search for anything with the word “blue” in it and watch Tobias’ blue hand prints appear.

Search for names of Bluth movies referenced in the show. Need some extra hints? Try:

  • “Families with Low Self Esteem”
  • “Boyfights”
  • “Caged Wisdom”

arrested development easter eggs

Let us know if you find more Arrested Development Easter Eggs! In fact, follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or Tumblr and we will keep each other updated.

And just for fun.

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