Take in New York Fashion Week Via Pinterest Hubs

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Take in New York Fashion Week Via Pinterest Hubs

Fashion Week in New York starts tomorrow and unless they’re one of the lucky ones, sitting in the front row of the Betsey Johnson show, fashionistas will be looking for ways to feel like they are. Knowing this, Pinterest has just rolled our their Pinterest Hubs, designed to curate content from event insiders.

New York Fashion Week’s Pinterest Hub lets users feel like they’re able to participate in the event and, more importantly, lets them can gather ideas from the event to incorporate into their own lives.

Why it works

Pinterest knows that its audience is filled with aesthetically savvy women. Realizing that their users would be looking for reports from Fashion Week somewhere, the Pinterest team saw a way to keep their users active during the kind of event that would normally pull their attention away. In fact, Twitter is usually the king of event activity with live tweeting.

Twitter suggests that people live tweeting during an event post information and insights that only they could offer. For example, if you’re a blogger attending a fashion show, this weekend, you’re one of a relatively small group of people able to immediately express what you thought of the new Michael Kors’ Spring 2014 collection.

If you’re using the Pinterest Hubs, you could also pin DIY ways to get the same looks.

Taking reporting one step further

One of Pinterest Hub’s biggest advantages with something like a New York Fashion Week is that they are drawing on the knowledge that their users will want more than just a snippet of information from these fashion heavyweights. The tastemakers they feature can be showing ways for their followers to get the looks they’re seeing on the runways or at least repin the things they like and collect their own take on the event.

As Lauren Indvik reported, “For its part, Pinterest’s place in Fashion Week will be different, Garlinghouse said. ‘It’s less about the real-time photos of the event, and more around the backstory of the event,’ she explained. ‘For Kate Spade, we’ll see what inspired the collection, versus actual [live] images of the collection.’”

Pinterest already has headings for London, Paris, and Milan, so we are anticipating that Pinterest Hubs could be the future of social media posting at visually focused events.

What do you think? Would you follow New York Fashion Week Pinterest Hubs?

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