Pinterest users, take note of your influence

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Pinterest users, take note of your influence

You remember Pinbooster, right? They are the folks who pair brands with Pinterest users so that pinners make some cash for their pins and brands get awesome exposure. Trifunk’s founder, Ariel Remer, also co-founded Pinbooster, so we keep track of what’s going on with them and are thrilled to pass along their cool new infographic: The Power of the Pinner.

A lot of Pinterest users don’t really know how much influence they have with their boards. This infographic shows Pinterest users how valuable they truly are and if advertisers are the ones reading through the stats, they will realize that Pinterest is where it’s at and jump on board with Pinbooster.

Since the last time we posted about Pinbooster, they’ve had articles published about them in Forbes, BetaBeat, and Tech Cocktail. In other words, they’re moving up in the world!

I guess you probably want to see the infographic. Here it is!

The Power of the Pinner
Infographic by Trifunk

You can embed this graphic on your blog or website. Simply copy the code below and paste it into your browser:
<a target="_blank" title="The Power of the Pinner" href=""><img src="" alt="The Power of the Pinner" border="0" />
Infographic</a>  by  <a target="_blank" href="">Trifunk</a>

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