Plaguing around with web design

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Plaguing around with web design

My daughter’s class was having career day and instead of explaining things like coding languages and the future of responsive design, I wanted to show these first graders that web design can be a lot of fun.

That being said, I’m still a designer, so I wanted to use some of my favourite web design trends and techniques to make something that was both easy on the eyes and would keep my pint-sized audience interested.

What could embody all of these objectives? A parallax scrolling website about the 10 plagues!

Kids are a fun demographic

Designing a website with children in mind is a little different than the average web design project – it lets you run wild with creativity. Using bold colours is always encouraged and you can push animation a little further than you would for a business.

As with any design project, we spent time thinking about what images kids would connect with and since our topic was the 10 plagues, we were able to add funny-looking animal animation and grotesque boils. Did I mention that we had fun?

Holding their attention

The biggest challenge anyone faces when designing a website for children is maintaining their interest. Because our site needed to be quick and simple, we didn’t want to add a game element (which is a good way to keep kids focused), but still needed movement and a story to keep them attentive.

We used parallax scrolling to give the students control of the narrative, while skipping the need to learn how the site “worked”. With limited time, we didn’t want to waste any of it by having to teach them which buttons did what.

For education sake

The 10 plagues is a biblical story that the students at my daughter’s school learn about, which meant that this website served a purpose beyond just looking cool and showing my daughter’s class what her dad does for a living. With each generation becoming more and more internet savvy, it’s important to integrate the web into classrooms and make use of this unlimited learning resource.

Who knows? A future Trifunk web designer could be sitting in that class!

Feel free to pretend to be a first grader and check out the website here: The 10 Plagues

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