Putting words into your own mouth

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Putting words into your own mouth

We get it. The internet can be overwhelming. For many smaller businesses, things like social media or keeping up on publishing new content to your site can feel daunting and, at times, like a nuisance. And we know that we’re a little biased as a web design and marketing agency, but we think that the nuisance is really a good thing.

Businesses are constantly trying to express their brand through everything from package design to advertising messaging. “This is what we’re really all about” is a message many brands would kill to be able to explain to their customers, especially when they’re being challenged by the media or customers.

Putting your money where your mouth is

Let’s take the financial industry, for example. It isn’t enough to simply tell people that you’re looking out for their best interests and that you have integrity. You have to show them.

Publishing content, like a blog (or even a spot on your site where you share relevant articles) is a great way to demonstrate some of your values. Keeping with the financial example, if you claim to be a company that cares about your clients’ financial well being, publishing money-saving tips and even a little free advice can speak volumes.

In fact, we just read an awesome article in AdWeek about how the younger generation (you know, the generation that witnessed a certain financial crisis) responds well to financial content.

“Financial institutions might have a public relations problem, but the fact is that everyone still needs a place to put their cash. One way banks can repair that relationship is by creating content that helps customers make important financial decisions. And it turns out that the group most receptive to such content is millennials.”

News Cred did an entire study about this, stating facts like, “55% [of those surveyed] would trust a financial institution more if they received helpful, unbiased content from them.”

We recently designed a website for a client in the financial sphere and were thrilled when they said that they wanted to write their site with complete transparency, including telling clients all about their fees and giving actual numbers. They believe that lending money should be honest and in order to show that, they told their customers everything. By doing this, they were saying, “We don’t need to trick you in order for you to do business with us.” As a side benefit, by being transparent, they might challenge their potential clients to ask their competitors direct questions about their fees and discover that what they think is the cheapest choice is really just a company not being forthcoming with information.

Beyond money…to wallets

Now, we think that this extends well beyond finance. Remember when we did that blog post a long time ago about Bellroy? One of the things they do so well is share information with their customers that they think will truly benefit them. By sharing how to make any wallet less full (and less painful for your back as a result of sitting on a giant block!), they’re telling their audience, “We made this product because we want to solve this problem, but we’re so passionate about this concept that we’re going to help you regardless of whether or not you buy what we’re selling.”

A little food for thought, right? What information could you share with your audience to demonstrate your company values and your brand?

If you need a little help with this kind of strategy, get in touch. We love incorporating value based content and branding into the websites we design.

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