Quirky: A case study for collaboration

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Quirky: A case study for collaboration

If there’s one obvious thing that the internet has done, it’s made physical distance no longer an obstacle for collaboration. You can have Skype conversations instantly with people around the world instead of having to travel to that location to meet and hash out ideas. You can use Google Docs to work on documents with multiple people at once in different cities. I’m sure that you get the idea.

We’re pretty fascinated with the worldwide collaboration going on through the power of the internet and the good folks at Quirky.

Case study: Quirky

The idea:

A way for inventors without resources to collaborate with a full team of people who can turn their idea into a product, including sales and marketing.

Who is involved:

Ben Kaufman, Nikki Kaufman, and their huge team

Why we think that Quirky is worth talking about:

Quirky has been around since 2009 and with the tagline: “We make invention accessible,” they are doing an incredible job. They have developed 291 products, have 188 retail partners, and operate with a community of 332,000 inventors.

One of the most unique aspects of their business model is that it’s built on collaboration. For an invention to get to the actual development phase, the community of Quirky needs to vote on invention pitches, letting the leadership see how much interest there is in the idea to start with. Throughout most phases of the process, collaborators can contribute to the invention through a variety of avenues, from financial to simply passing along their opinion.

I am more than mildly addicted to the site and have invested in multiple inventions, like the Powercurl, a clip on cord organizer for my laptop charger. Their products are pretty cool, if you ask me.

power curl
Photo credit: Quirky.com

3 Things that they do really well:

  1. They get people involved and invested right from the beginning.
  2. They keep people informed and are transparent about how the inventions have done.
  3. They create high quality products, showing their inventors that their ideas are in safe hands.

To read more about Quirky, visit their website or read this great article about them in The Economist.

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