Refresh your internet presence

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Refresh your internet presence

With summer still fresh in our minds, despite the approaching chill, how would you describe something refreshing?

Would you summon a memory of jumping into a lake on a blistering day? Can you imagine a frosted glass of lemonade? Maybe you’re more internet-minded than that and immediately hit the button on your browser that reloads the page.

Whatever your idea of refreshing is, it usually involves replacing something unpleasant or stale with something new and satisfying.

So, when is the last time that you refreshed your business’s internet presence?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that technology is always changing, always growing, and always becoming more accessible. Viewing a website strictly on a desktop computer is no longer. There are now unlimited channels for your customers to engage with your business through!

It’s easy to see these advances as work you need to catch up on, like a never-ending pile of paper stacked up on your desk, but let’s look at it from another angle.

Each new channel opens up new opportunity.
Resources like social networking, e-commerce, smartphones, gamification in web design, and cloud technology all have the potential to work to your advantage.

In Canada alone, over nine million people use smartphones. That’s over 45% of cell phone users. This means that at any given time, millions of people have access to your website or social network. Talk about influence! Does your mobile web design reflect this opportunity?

Let’s go one step further and see that continuous access to the internet also means that if you are e-commerce ready, your customers can purchase your products instantly.

So how do you refresh your internet presence? These 5 quick ideas should help you get started.

1. Spend some time with both your web design and marketing professional. Learn the kinds of channels that are out there and how they can be best used for your business. If you sell a product, pay special attention to e-commerce opportunities.

2. Start by using social media to offer exceptional customer service. Sites like Twitter make it easy to see what people are saying about you and then help you put out fires quickly and with better results.

3. Continuously provide engaging content. Having a multi-channel internet presence means that you have tons of opportunities to speak to your potential or current customers. Use that voice well, offering valuable content to stay at the front of your customers’ brains (while also helping your search engine optimization).

4. Pay attention to the news. Facebook hit 1 billion users, last week. Is your Facebook presence up-to-date or does it need a facelift?

5. Really understand your business’ needs and your customers’ needs. Just because a channel exists doesn’t mean that it will benefit you or your customers. Having a full understanding of your business goals will mean a clear direction for your internet presence and a better use of your time and resources.

As always, we’re happy to talk with you, so please feel free to contact us about refreshing your internet presence.

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