Santa needs project management tools too

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Santa needs project management tools too

Ever wonder which online project management tools Santa uses to get his job done? No? Well, we have!

Think about it. Santa’s job is a business like ours or like yours. Sure, we have no idea where the money comes from to get supplies for building billions of toys or how he breaks the space-time continuum to get around the world in one night, but those are minor details compared to how he manages projects, shares files, and tracks his expenses.

Here are three project management tools that we think Santa is either using or should be using to make his life a whole lot easier.

1. Basecamp

Basecamp logoBasecamp is a no brainer for Santa. With all of those toys needing to go from idea to chimney, the team needs some serious project management help.

Planning: Basecamp allows multiple elves to work together to plan each toy. They can share blueprints, upload drafts, discuss paint colours, and troubleshoot with Basecamp’s collaborative format.
Delegating: Once the plan has been made, Basecamp lets them assign certain elves specific tasks and then track their progress.
Timelines: When they think about everything that needs to get done in one year, the elves and Santa must be a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, they can get a handle on time with Basecamp’s timeline feature, allowing them to see, in real time, what progress is being made.
Catching up: Santa obviously takes a little vacation after the big night, but still needs to know what happened while he was away. Basecamp lets Santa look back on the days he was gone and see what his happy workers have been up to.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox logoDropbox is perfect for making sure that the elves, Santa, and Mrs. Claus are on the same page. While Santa might be using Basecamp year round, Dropbox is key for the delivery night.

Itinerary: The weather changes in Dublin. Susie wakes up and needs a snack. The Wilson’s new dog just started barking. Santa must need constant reroutes. Dropbox lets the elves share an up-to-date itinerary with Santa so he is always on the right route.
Lists: We don’t need to sing the song to know that there is a pretty famous list that needs to be updated frequently and checked twice. Dropbox would ensure that the list is the most recent edition.
Photos: Who takes a trip around the world without snapping a few shots? If thrown into Dropbox, Mrs. Claus could have a photo album all printed and ready to go by the time Santa gets back from his last stop.

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks logoEven Santa has to file his taxes – we think. Freshbook’s cloud accounting keeps track of the money and time side of things, making that yearend wrap up a whole lot easier.

Time Tracking: Santa probably likes to know where his team’s time is going. Freshbooks allows him to track how long projects take, how much airtime he had, and whether or not wrapping was more efficient after the switch to pre-cut paper.
Expense Tracking: Any expenses, from toy materials to milk and cookies, can be tracked by photographing a receipt and logging it into Freshbooks.
Invoicing: We all know that Santa isn’t invoicing the kids for the toys, but he probably has a few shops selling his products and sends his share of invoices. Freshbooks is designed to make invoicing as easy and as efficient as possible, which is always a good thing for Santa.

If you’re playing Santa to a business-minded individual or if you haven’t made your own list yet, check out our gift guide for some ideas!

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