Sizing up the competition online

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Sizing up the competition online

Have you ever spent time on your biggest competitor’s website? Wait. Here’s an even better question: have you ever typed your product or service into a Google search and gone through the results to see which company you would choose to give your business to?

When we’re getting ready to design a website for one of our clients, we spend time going through their competitors’ sites and analyzing what they do well and where their weakness are. It’s a giving time of a year, so we’re passing along a few of our hints for what you should be looking for when analyzing your competition online.

What to look for when analyzing your competition online:


    First impressions

    How do you feel when you first get to the home page? If it’s positive, try to look at which design elements make you feel this way. Don’t forget to bookmark the site to show your web designer!

  1. Usability

    At Trifunk, we preach about usability a lot. This is because a beautiful, but difficult to use, website is a huge waste of money. It will frustrate your customers and you’ll miss out on sales.

  2. Social interaction

    Are they active on social media? Spend some time looking at their Twitter feed and seeing how they interact with their customers.

  3. Reviews

    You should always know what people are saying about your brand online, but you should also be keeping an eye on the reviews your competitors are receiving. If everyone is complaining that your competitor’s product doesn’t have a feature that yours does, you might want to emphasize that!

  4. Search Engine Optimization

    When you search for your product or service, which businesses appear on the top of the organic search results (not sponsored)? Go through their site and see how they got there. Do they have a blog? Do they contribute to trade publications? Are they active on social media? Do consumer reviews talk about them a lot?


If you do this analysis and realize that your competition isn’t doing a very good job of their online presence, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! If your industry isn’t currently very web savvy, your task of standing out will just be easier. Bad competitor web presence doesn’t give you an excuse to get lazy with yours.

Once you’ve taken a look at your competitors – and we trust that you will – come and talk to us about how we can make your web presence amazing!

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