Social Media, Astronaut Style

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Social Media, Astronaut Style

For many people living in Toronto, last week’s hockey letdown was quickly followed by the good news that Canada’s favourite social media savvy astronaut, Chris Hadfield, returned home safely.

Chris Hadfield was in the news as he passed off command of the International Space Station and came back to earth, but he has been on our radar for months with his incredible social media activity from space.

His social media success got us thinking about how we can apply his techniques to, you know, life on earth. As it turns out, a lot of what Chris did right wasn’t just hang out in space. We’ve taken some of his best moments and showed the universal audience building techniques behind them.

5 Social Media Lessons We Can All Learn From Chris Hadfield

  1. Produce Quality Content

    I realize that we all can’t tweet about what it’s like to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich in space, but we can all make sure that we are using our platforms to deliver valuable content. Research interesting links to post or share your own expertise. Your followers will have little patience for your eating habits unless you’re a massive celebrity (or in space – did we say that already?). Take the extra time to publish information people will want to read.

  2. Know Your Audience

    Hadfield could have easily focused all of his posts on other astronauts or people associated with space programs by using jargon and refusing to address quirky questions the average person would have about living at the space station. If he did, he would have alienated (I couldn’t help it) the rest of us non-astronaut folks and missed an incredible opportunity to share the International Space Station with the public. Talk about great exposure!

  3. Have a Conversation

    Many people seem to develop an “It’s all about me” attitude when they use social media. Hadfield was so successful because he tweeted back and forth with his followers and allowed them to participate in his posts. He answered questions like, “Can you cry in space?” by demonstrating exactly what would happen. The more engagement, the more people invested.

  4. Be Creative

    If you’ve been following Chris’ posts, you’ll know that he has done things like talk to William Shatner from space, show us what happens if astronauts throw up, and teach us how to clip our nails in space (just in case we ever find ourselves in such a situation). Think outside the box and find those parts of your industry that your customers might not know about. Give an insider’s perspective to your business.

  5. When in doubt, record Bowie

    If you haven’t seen Chris Hadfield’s rendition of Space Oddity as he says farewell to the International Space Station, stop whatever you’re doing and watch it. You’ll thank us later.

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