Something about increasing your website’s traffic

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Something about increasing your website’s traffic

Every once in a while, Mashable gathers together a bunch of experts to give us information about something. Could I be a little more vague? Most recently, that “something” is about increasing your website’s traffic and I just know that our readers would want that information.

Let’s go ahead and dig into some of these points about how to get more people visiting your website.

Tips for Increasing Your Website’s Traffic

1.  Keep on Trucking

Alexandra Levit from Inspiration at Work reminds us that sometimes the winning website is the one that works the hardest and outlasts everyone else.

“Starting a blog or churning out a bunch of articles is all fine and good, but keeping those activities going for years as opposed to months (or weeks) makes a huge difference.”

2. Give your readers something good to read

Liam Martin from emphasizes that people actually reading, enjoying, and passing along your content will do wonders to increase your website’s traffic.

“When it comes to increasing organic search, content marketing through blogging or guest posts is the fastest way to build great traffic. However, content marketing is a quality game and not a quantity game. If you have horrible content, people won’t bother reading it or sharing it, which is basically the entire point of building a company blog. Therefore, when I write content, I constantly ask myself if I would take ten minutes out of my day to read it and if I’d share it with others. If you wouldn’t do either of those things, then you really need to look at your content strategy again.”

We’re just going to go ahead shamelessly promote the fact that we wrote an entire post about this: “Why we blog (and why it’s effective)”.

3. Be consistent. Be good.

John Hall of Influence & Co. has a very similar message to Liam Martin’s and continues to stress that quality content gets noticed.

“Things such as author rank are going to have a big effect on organic search results. Put a plan in place to not only create content to publish online, but also to be able to maximize the value of the content so that it is properly distributed across social channels and has a chance to go viral.”

Hmmm…I think we agree. Take a look at our post: Google Author Rank: How to get your face on search results.

4. Get your community involved

Mitch Gordon from Go Overseas has awesome advice about establishing yourself as an expert and increasing your site’s traffic in the process.

“Increasing Google traffic is all about answering questions your community finds important. You need to become the authority in your niche. Have your community ask you questions, and you’ll be well on your way to providing high-quality, valuable and useful content. That’s what Google cares about. When you provide answers to your community’s questions, Google will rank your site well for many keyword terms you wouldn’t have been able to think of on your own. You create loyalty in your community and rank well in Google at the same time. That’s a win-win.”

5. Quick fixes won’t work

Shortcuts seem awesome in the moment, but the folks at Google are smart and they will discover your tricks. Remember, Google’s goal is to give their users the best results possible. Instead of trying to trick your way into those results, actually become the best result. Sarah Schupp from University Parent is all about this.

“Gaming Google’s system might work temporarily, but it is not a good strategy for the long haul. To increase organic search traffic, produce top-notch content that’s relevant to what your users might be searching. Check the Google Keyword Tool to make sure you’re using the correct terminology that the general public is using when they’re searching.”

If you’re panicking that your website needs some help with its traffic, get in touch with us. We can help you out! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler.

If you can’t stop reading about increasing your website traffic, keep on going and take a peek at: “Mobile Unfriendly: Google might be punishing you”. 

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