Target Market Shift

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Target Market Shift

A lot of our clients are entrepreneurs. They start businesses and we have the privilege of working with them as they develop their brand, perfect their product, and become familiar with their target market.

We work with the idea of their target market on a daily basis because everything from the colours we use in their logo to the language in their print media needs to point to this group of people. Buyer personas become like old friends and you feel like you really know these people.

So, what happens when all of the things you thought you knew about your target market change?

This is the question I was thinking about when I read Mashable’s article about how seniors are the fastest growing demographic for social media adoption. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone else is already using social media, so the growth has slowed down and makes that stat seem more significant than it really is.

You’re right.

Kind of.

“Seniors citizens in the United States are finally jumping on the social media bandwagon. This year, 43% of Americans over 65 use at least one social networking site, compared with 26% in 2010 and 1% in 2008.” (Mashable)

The reason I’m bringing up the fact that we could be seeing an influx of Instagrandmas is that if you started your business in 2008 and seniors are a part of your target market, your marketing strategies need a major overhaul.

While traditional forms of marketing will still be important for this age group, you now also have access to social media marketing and should be taking advantage – especially while your target market is fresh to the outlet and eager to use the different social networks.

The Mashable story is a good lesson for all of us about maintaining a constant state of attention and adapting our marketing approaching as our target market adapts to a changing world. You really can’t afford not to.

If you would like us to take a look at your current marketing strategies and examine your target market, please get in touch. We would love to talk to you.

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