Tattly Shows us the Power of Ecommerce

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Tattly Shows us the Power of Ecommerce

Every once in a while, we like to pause and introduce you to brands we really like. It’s like an online show-and-tell and we all know that show-and-tell was the best part of elementary school.

Tattly creates temporary tattoos. Ok, you might be thinking that we’ve actually gone back to elementary school, but you would be wrong. Tattly’s tattoos are beautifully illustrated images you can proudly display on your body without feeling like you let your kid draw on you.

But speaking of kids, I recently purchased Tattly’s vegetable pack and my kids loved wearing radishes, carrots, and corn on their arms and legs!

Tattly represents a bigger trend (and it’s awesome)

The concept of temporary tattoos isn’t anything new, but an interesting thing has taken place through ecommerce and that is the ability for a niche brand to thrive because they can sell to customers beyond their neighbourhood. Lots of boutique businesses run into difficulties when their product has a very specific demographic and can only be purchased locally. Ecommerce extends that reach and might even increase their chance of survival.

Another trend in consumer products we’ve been seeing lately is a return to high quality products that have been beautifully designed. As designers, we LOVE this. Tattly is a great example of this design movement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tattly’s founder, Tina Roth Eisenberg, check out this video profile from the series Like Knows Like by Bas Berkhout and Marije Kuiper. She discusses how Tattly got started and what it’s like to run this kind of a business.

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