TEDx Toronto: The New Average Canadian

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TEDx Toronto: The New Average Canadian

Wow, what a privilege to experience TEDx Toronto last Thursday. The venue was beautiful, the performers were moving, and the speakers were brilliant. Could I rave a little more?

As with any TED event, the topics covered a wide variety of disciplines, but leaders in different health fields were especially well represented and had fascinating and important issues to share. Let’s just say that we were given a demo about robots that allow doctors to be present in remote communities. I know; you’re intrigued. Check out Dr. Ivar M. Mendez if you can’t possibly wait until the talks are posted online.

Our take home

For those of us involved with web design, branding, and marketing, the most relevant information from TEDx Toronto came from Darrell Bricker. His statistics heavy, but completely engaging, talk helped us make sense of how the Canadian population is changing. Bricker works for Ipsos, a polling company, and has access to all kinds of information about those of us who live in the Great White North. His take on what Canada really looks like can be directly applied to branding and marketing.

Acknowledging immigration growth

When we all think of the average Canadian, what comes to mind? Bricker’s numbers taught us that we should be thinking of someone who has emigrated from an Asian country, living in either the GTA or Western Canada, and who came to this country with ambitious plans for their future. Canada actually doesn’t have a high enough birth rate to replace it’s elderly, so the main increase in our population is coming from immigration. In fact, around 300,000 people immigrate to Canada each year!

What does that mean for branding and marketing?

Well, for starters, this means that there is a huge opportunity for businesses to tailor their brand to this target market, understanding which messages will resonate and which will fall flat. Bricker focused on how political parties will need to embrace this shift because the new Canadian will have huge voting power, but seeing as we’re not trying to be prime minister, our goal is to build brands that will succeed in these markets.

Knowledge is power

Some of our past blog posts have talked about understanding your target market and with this new information from TEDx Toronto, that idea has only been reinforced. Truly researching who you’re selling your product to will provide the roadmap for everything from your branding strategies to your product packaging design.

If you need help with understanding your market and tailoring your branding, marketing, and web design to these audiences, get in touch with us!

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