TV + Business Strategy = Infographic

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TV + Business Strategy = Infographic

It’s common for a company to model their business strategy or leadership style after one they admire. Perhaps they take a Richard Branson approach to entrepreneurship or follow Christine Day’s company culture methods. They might even see some inspiration in a serial killer?

Being the TV fans that we are, we’re always looking for ways to combine our love of TV shows with our love of design and the internet. In a moment of sheer genius (or sheer ridiculousness) we’ve created a unique infographic style quiz for you to take and discover which show best represents your approach to business. Do you work collaboratively, like Jess and the guys? Or do you always feel like people are second guessing your vision, like Carrie?

TV + Business Strategy = Infographic
Infographic by Trifunk

You can embed this graphic on your blog or website. Simply copy the code below and paste it into your browser:
<a target="_blank" href="" title="TV-+-Business-Strategy-Infographic" rel="attachment wp-att-3790"><img src="" alt="TV + Business Strategy = Infographic" border="0" />Infographic</a> by <a target="_blank" href="">Trifunk</a>

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