Common Uses for Twitter Hashtags

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Common Uses for Twitter Hashtags

We recently posted about Twitter hashtags, hoping to make them less intimidating and easier to understand. Here is the second part of our guide to hashtags: a list of common uses for Twitter hashtags.

1. Chatting

Lots of people/businesses will host chats on Twitter. These chats are almost like a call-in radio show, where the host sets the topic and tells the participants what hashtag to use to contribute to the discussion instead of which number to call to be a part of the show. The people involved use the search bar at the top of their Twitter page to search for the hashtag so that Twitter can filter out anything not tagged with the selected hashtag. (Note: If you’re doing this, make sure to click “All” instead of “Top” once you’ve received the results in order to get everything in chronological order).

2. Events

Have you ever been to a conference where the main screen has something on the bottom corner that looks like #DigitalConference2013 or #InternetStuff2013? This is telling you that if/when you tweet about the conference, you should use that particular hashtag. It will include you in the conference’s Twitter conversation, give you a higher chance of being seen by other conference goers, and increase your re-tweets.

Other examples of this style include: news events, movie openings, sporting events, and celebrity mishaps.

3. Punchlines

Using hashtags for punchlines is a fairly recent development, but can be funny. I think this use must have started by people poking fun at those who overuse hashtags and has since blossomed into a new form of joke.

@ConanOBrien: A study says the candidate who blinks the most in a debate almost always loses the election. ‪#WhyGilbertGottfriedCantBePresident.

The other form of this joke is that the hashtag in itself is funny, prompting all posts tagged with it to get in on the joke.

@SuccessRice: I feel the desire, the desire to move at a high velocity. #1stdraftmovielines

4. Topical

This use is the easiest. Basically, you can tag with a topic, hoping that those interested in the topic will search for it and find you!

5. Tweet Classification

Hashtags can be used to show your followers your intent for a tweet without using too many of your precious 140 characters. For example, if you’re posting a job listing, you could simply tag it with #joblisting, making the tweet clear, and also helping to show up in searches. Clarity also helps with retweets.

If you’ve been on Twitter on a Friday, you will have seen #FF popping up everywhere. This simply means “Follow Friday”. The idea is to mention other Twitter users you think your followers would like to follow. It’s mainly used for networking and nudging the people you’ve mentioned to retweet or mention you back to give you more exposure.

There have been other versions of this, like #ThrowbackThursday, where people post or talk about memories/nostalgia, but #FF is most widely used.

Hashtags seem less scary right? The easiest way to really get a handle on them is by looking at your Twitter feed and clicking on the hashtags that the people you follow use. You might come across some great conversations!

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One more thing, today is #FF so I’m going to recommend myself, @trifunk.

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