Give that car salesman a camera (ok, an iPhone)!

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Give that car salesman a camera (ok, an iPhone)!

We recently posted about cross-media marketing and then, almost like magic, another awesome example came up and we knew that with your new interest in cross-media marketing, you would want to hear about it.

Yesterday, Honda did a one-day marketing campaign where they responded to tweets including #wantnewcar with Vine videos. If you need a quick refresher on Vine, check out this post about the app at SXSW or this one about Instagram Video vs. Vine. All day, Honda employees filmed Vines and responded directly to tweets about car troubles and why their fans wanted a new car. Great idea, right?

Ok, so we have Honda using Twitter and Vine in this campaign. That’s two marketing platforms.

To add to this, Honda is promoting their social media endeavour on print and online ads.

That’s three and four.

They’ve also filmed commercials to go along with the campaign and I actually think that along with the actual Vine responses, this is the best part. The commercials poke fun at the idea that Honda employees might not be the most expert Vine users, but they are going to give it a go anyways. The ads also include tweets being read aloud – and that’s just plain funny.

Kudos to Honda for embracing so many ways to communicate and for doing it with a sense of humour.

Here are a couple of the commercials and a couple of the Vines to give you an idea of what went down yesterday:

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