Virgin America Gives Safety Some Swagger

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Virgin America Gives Safety Some Swagger

When’s the last time that you actually listened to the safety demonstration at the beginning of a flight? Flight attendants all over the world could tell us the answer to that question and it’s a little concerning, considering that the information is meant to save your life.

Virgin America decided to change that.

It only took 10 So You Think You Can Dance alumni, an American Idol finalist, and a couple of former olympians to get our attention. But once they did, Virgin managed to get over 7 million people to watch their safety demonstration – and these people weren’t even on a plane!

What’s especially ingenious about this idea is that they not only communicated safety instructions visually and musically to help people recall them if an emergency really happened, but they reinforced the Virgin brand as they did it.

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Viral videos are great, but how you follow-up on those views is where you really start to build brand engagement. Not wanting to lose out on the opportunity to snag a few more customers from those 7 million views, Virgin launched a contest where people can submit their dance moves in the hopes of becoming a dancer in the next safety dance video. Submissions are now closed, but you can head to the site and vote on who you think should win.

If you’re busy and lists make you happy, here are our 5 reasons why the Virgin Safety Dance worked:
1. The concept is creative
2. Everyone can relate to the problem they are trying to solve (no one paying attention to the safety demo)
3. The actual video is well executed
4. They made a social media marketing plan to go along with it (#VXSafetyDance)
5. They’re building on the momentum with a contest and the promise of a follow up video

Without further ado, take a look at the Virgin America Safety Dance.

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