Web Design and Brand Stories Done Right: Bellroy

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Web Design and Brand Stories Done Right: Bellroy

Every so often, in our internet travels, we come across an exceptional website worth sharing. Remember when you were in elementary school and your teacher would read the essay of the student who did the best job and everyone would roll their eyes while the smart kid looked all smug? This is like that and the smug kid is Bellroy.

Bellroy makes wallets. Seems normal enough – until you go to their website.

When we’re designing a website or making a marketing strategy, one of the questions we ask is, “How is your product or service solving a problem for your consumer?” This simple question can provide direction for the content of their site and can become the basis for their branding and marketing.

For Bellroy, the problem is that bulky, paper-stuffed, back pain-inducing wallet you have shoved in your back pocket. The solution? “Slim your wallet” (I took that right from their site tagline. See what I mean?)

The best way to show the great web design and branding elements in the Bellroy website is through the story they tell through their page “How to Slim Your Wallet”.

Case Study: “How to Slim Your Wallet” by Bellroy 

1. The Beginning

As with standard storytelling, you need to set the scene. In this case, Bellroy is demonstrating to their customers that, whether they realize it or not, they have a problem. With simple design and movement through parallax scrolling, they paint a picture of a man suffering with an overstuffed wallet. They add actual facts to prove that the mass you’re probably sitting on as you read this is really an issue.

In a moment of brilliance, they make a George Costanza reference and really could have stopped there and sold some wallets.

2. The Middle

Many companies will miss this part and go straight from problem to solution. Bellroy cultivates brand culture with the middle of their story and gives simple tips for slimming your wallet without their product.

Uh oh. They’re giving away a reason for their customer not to buy what they’re selling.

Not true! They are developing brand trust by showing their customers that Bellroy’s goal really is to help out with the giant wallet disaster – regardless of whether or not you buy from them. Plus, you need to adopt their strategy in order to use their product successfully.

3. The End

“Combine these new skills with some smart design and you are almost there,” says the site. This is where Bellroy shows the features of their product, which conveniently answer any lingering doubts about the reality of a slim wallet. The only logical choice is to pick your favourite and then shell out the cash.

As an added bonus, they have created awesome product videos to go along with the images and descriptions. No stone seems to go unturned.

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