Web video is worth it

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Web video is worth it

The Globe and Mail recently published an article about how web video is no longer an option for small businesses. If you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you’ll know that we agree with this idea (also, thanks for reading!). If you’re new, welcome! Oh, and read this post about why we love web video.

Just like there are misconceptions that a blog is only a place to share your feelings, web video has a bit of a reputation for mainly holding entertainment value. Sure, there are millions of cat videos to back up this argument, but just like any form of media, there are many uses for web video.

Here are a few ways to use web video for your business:

  1. To explain what your business does
  2. To share news
  3. To explain a product
  4. To establish your brand’s story
  5. To advertise

Let’s get back to the article The Globe and Mail’s Kyle Sanders wrote for their Business2Community series:

“YouTube is a household name, but when it comes to marketing, do online videos really have more than entertainment value? The proliferation of videos across company websites and the creation of company YouTube and Vimeo channels is not a passing fad. It turns out videos have potentially more advertising power than any other type of media, and here is why.”

1. We naturally connect to faces

There’s still a lot to be said for personal recommendations. We trust a friend who suggests that we check out that new Thai restaurant or that co-worker who likes their iPad mini. Web videos seem to draw on that idea and viewers respond well to the personal connection.

“Our neurological wiring encourages us to perceive faces as centers of valuable information. Watching videos enhances a person’s, and therefore a product or service’s, appeal. This likely has more than a slight bearing on why watching videos leads to higher conversion rates.”

2. Web videos have high conversion rates

There may be a ton of factors contributing to why someone is more willing to purchasing something after watching a video, but whether it’s because they understand the product, trust the company, spend more time on the website, or simply enjoy the video, they’re buying more.

“After seeing a product video, 52 per cent of individuals report having more confidence in their purchases. The longer a person stays on a site the more likely she is to purchase something. Even those who don’t buy anything tend to remain on a site with video roughly 9 per cent longer, increasing their engagement and the amount of information they retain.”

3. People share and search for video easier than text.

No, this isn’t an argument to remove text from your website and replace it with a bunch of videos, but it does make a case for including web video on your site.

“Video is also much easier to share than text. According to Comscore’s February 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings, at least 83.3 per cent of everyone who uses the Internet in the U.S. watches video online. The audience is there. There are a plethora of outlets for videos, including YouTube, video podcasts on iTunes, embedded links on a company’s website, Facebook page. Companies can also embed video links in comments and posts on others’ Facebook pages.”

Need even more reasons? Check out this animated infographic from web video and animation experts, Brio.

If you’re interested in web video, get in contact with us! We can go through your business’ current branding and marketing strategy and see where web video might fit in.

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