Whipsum: Serving lorem ipsum on the rocks

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Whipsum: Serving lorem ipsum on the rocks

If you’ve ever gone through the process of having a website designed, you’ll be familiar with Lorem Ipsum. This is the placeholder text your designer might use during the design process to show you that there will be text in a specific spot, but that the text isn’t written yet. Instead of forcing you to use your imagination, they throw in some gibberish.

Now, you might think that you could simply mash your hands across a keyboard until the space is filled, but if you did so (please feel free to try), you would quickly realize that it doesn’t have spaces between words the way that a real section of text would. So, instead of your designer wasting their time typing gibberish while still paying attention to realistic word lengths, they use placeholder text.

Lorem Ipsum actually got its name from the first two words in De finibus bonorum et malorum, a Latin philosophical work, which the average person would consider unreadable. This text is the standard for placeholder text.

Until people started getting creative.

Because let’s face it, unless you understand Latin, Lorem Ipsum is pretty boring. I know, I know, placeholder text is just filling a space, just standing in, just testing the lighting – but what if it was more?

In the growing trend of themed Lorem Ipsum generators, Trifunk has created:


Why read a foreign language when you could read the language of whiskey (or whisky if you’re into the Scotch variety)? Whipsum uses whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon terms for placeholder text – and let us be the first to tell you that it’s awesome.

Here’s a little taste to savour:

Bells old smuggler vat 69 sir edward’s white horse.  Blenders original choice old overholt american rye mac arthur’s.  Rob roy johnnie walker greenore gregson’s john dewar’s.  Michael collins burrberrys mcDowell’s no.1 isle of jura.

Burrberrys clontarf criadores bells feckin.  Evan william’s sandy mac laphroaig tillers william lawson’s.  Swing dalmore rob roy jameson feckin.  Teacher’s laphroaig old overholt american rye dunhill.  Laphroaig dailuaine officer’s choice ballantines gregson’s label 5.  Balvenie mac pay of ye monks dunhill.

Come check it out here.

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