Why Spec Work is Bad for Your Business

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Why Spec Work is Bad for Your Business

Spec work, short for speculative work, is when a designer works for free.There are generally two types of spec work.

1. A client will ask 3-5 agencies to work on a sample project to gauge if they like the work and then choose one of the agencies while the others have nothing to show for their hard work.

2. A client will post a contest asking designers for submissions. The client may get hundreds of submissions from many design worker bees but only one wins the prize (payment). The rest go home empty handed with their stingers between their legs.

Spec work is a bad practice and here at Trifunk we don’t recommend it. We believe our work speaks for itself and we don’t work for free. We also want to build relationships with our clients and that requires getting to know them. When we get to know you and your business we can create the perfect site or logo that fits your business. If you are looking for a web designer in Toronto or logo designer in Toronto feel free to contact us. We love meeting new people.

Below is a great video explaining spec work.

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