Why we blog (and why it’s effective)

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Why we blog (and why it’s effective)

Here at Trifunk, we love to blog. I know, you probably already guessed that. The blog we write for our business is filled with how-tos for our clients, business tips, web design news, success stories, and the occasional comment on popular culture (we can’t help ourselves).

We have always found blogging to be a useful way to connect with our audience and share our knowledge of topics clients have expressed interest in. In the last year, blogging has jumped to the forefront of the web community as Google changed the way that they index websites to favour those who are continually creating valuable content.

Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to boost their website traffic through blogging.

I was talking to someone, the other day, and after mentioning the importance of blogging, they said, “Oh, I don’t feel comfortable blogging. I don’t want to talk about my personal life online.”

His comment made me realize that despite blogs appearing everywhere, there are still ugly misconceptions floating around about what a blog is and what purpose it can serve. What a perfect opportunity for a list!

The Top 3 Misconceptions about blogging (followed by the truth)

1. Blogs are like diaries

Yes, I will admit that there are some blogs that exist for one person to share all of their deepest hopes and dreams in a diary format, but these aren’t the kinds of blogs that we are talking about. A blog associated with your business is definitely not for pouring out your personal life.

The Truth: Blogs do have a license to be a little more informal than corporate-style communication, but blogs are about sharing information relevant to your potential customers. They are a chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Doogie Howser moments are not necessary.

2. Blogs lack substance

Back when blogging first got started, people would post about anything and everything (kind of like Facebook, these days). The ability to publish writing with the click of a button was too tempting to pass up and we were subject to every little thought a blogger had.

The Truth: The easiest way to switch your mentality about blogging is by thinking about a business blog post as an article. Sure, you will have some posts with less research than others, but your goal is to share useful information with your readers. If you’re an expert on a topic, post your own knowledge. If you need facts to back up your information, research like you would if you were writing a news/magazine article.

3. Blogging isn’t very important

Many people view blogging as an add-on to their website, as something extra for their readers to browse through if they are bored or to simply add colour to their site.

The Truth: Every time you post a blog, you add a webpage to your website. This means that search engines will crawl through your site more often and it will communicate to the search engine that your website is producing current content. The more people look at the posts, make a comment, or share the post with their friends, the higher you will rank in search results. In other words, the more great blog entries you post, the better your Search Engine Optimization.

“93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.” (Search Engine Journal)

Have you ever had these thoughts about blogs? I challenge you to go to the websites of businesses you admire and see if they have a blog. If they do, read through the topics they post about and analyze the ways you might be able to blog about your business.

If you need some help getting your blog started or need some writing assistance, get in touch with us! You can always find us on our contact page, but we’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

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