Your website has a virus. Now what?

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Your website has a virus. Now what?

Finding out your website has been hacked is like a punch in the stomach. It can literally take your breath away. Most peoples initial reaction is to freak out and delete the site files. Don’t. Firstly, you need to calm down and not panic. Once you are calm the key is to figure out what you can do to fix it. Google recommends taking these following steps.

1. Quarantine your site.
2. Assess the damage
3. Clean up your site
4. Ask Google to review your site

By taking these steps you can protect your customers from getting infected and losing potential future business. It is recommended to do regular site checks to make sure your site is clean and virus free. Either way, there are some malicious people on the internet so be sure to protect your site. If your looking for website malware and virus protection in Toronto contact us today. We can have your site monitored and secure in no time at all.

1 Comment

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    July 31, 2012

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